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Your destination for all your crop input needs

Agri-Chem, LLC is your destination for all your crop input needs. We specialize in Fertilizer, Crop Protection, Seed, and Application.  There is no need too big or too small.  Our dedicated team of Agronomists, Precision Specialists, Operational Specialists, and Applicators are here to help you make more bushels per acre.

Farmer Owned

Because we are owned by you, the farmer, 100% of our profits are returned to you.  Agri-Chem knows that growing the food for our world is difficult and we are here to help you be the best farmer you can be.



Headquartered in Hopkinsville, KY we have locations in  Princeton, KY, Trenton, KY, and Russellville, KY.


Contact us today and let us go to work for you.


Agri-Chem, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hopkinsville Elevator Coop, INC.  Hopkinsville Elevator COOP, INC is a 3200-member farmer owned, vertically integrated cooperative headquartered in Hopkinsville, KY.  Agri-Chem, LLC represents the elevator’s retail supply portion.

Agri-Chem, LLC was first organized in 1976 by owner Wayne Hunt.  Over the years a relationship began with Hopkinsville Elevator.  In 2011, Wayne and the employees sold the remaining shares to Hopkinsville Elevator.

2021 Corn Variety Test Plot Results

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